Sunday, June 18, 2017

Oakland police, during better days -believe it or not - when they were not so restricted in how they could handle city riots and crime. Now, the police are largely neutered when it comes to violence on the streets as few arrests  have come out of  the multitude of recent city skirmishes by protestors, be it 'Occupy Oakland,' 'Anti-Trump' or anything else. 

Think Oakland can't get any worse?  
Forbes calls Oakland, California, the third-most dangerous city in America. It tops the state in violent crime and has a robbery and car-theft rate three-to-four times the state's average.

And, of course, city leaders have voted Oakland to be a sanctuary city against Federal laws.
Meanwhile , the best that might be said about Oakland was being the first city have a marijuana dispensary and now even has a marijuana 'college' of sorts 'Oaksterdam U.'   But,  give Oakland credit for their winning basketball team - not so much the mayor dancing upon her float with MC Hammer - even though the team will be moving to San Francisco in two years. It wasn't but a few months ago that Oakland was the scene of the biggest human loss in a fire where over 30 were killed in a ramshackle warehouse where they were living and/or partying ;  the few inspections made on the property were ignored and not enforced. I similar fire, without the deaths, would occur in another warehouse only months later.  Oakland also  had the biggest city fire in decades in the 1990s with over 2000 homes lost after fire precautions were not made and then firefighters were slow to put out the fires. Poor Oakland,   once better known as the sports  capitol of the world, in the 1970s for having champions in all three major sports  , the Oakland A's baseball team, The Warriors basketball team and the Oakland Raiders in football; now, Oakland will be left with only the last place A's after the Warriors and Raiders split the scene in the next two years

Time to get tough and give the police the support and tools they need to make Oakland a safe place to live, right?

Not a chance! Believe it or not!

NOW, This response by Oakland's leaders is being called a "travesty" -- alas, this is NOT fake news ...
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