Saturday, December 28, 2013

Things to do in the New Year! NOT! Yes, People really did these things!

or, Things to do before you get old!
(You might not ever get old if you do these.)

Cliff camping. 


Skywalking in the Alps .

   Portaledge camping at Yosemite.



Climbing Redwoods.


Sitting on the Trolltunga rock in Norway.


Jumping on the Trolltunga rock in Norway.


Rock climbing in South Africa.


Ice climbing a frozen waterfall.


Extreme picnicking.


Extreme skiing in Wyoming.


Skywalking on Mount Nimbus in Canada.


Tree camping in Germany.


   Just having a look around.

   Extreme kayaking at Victoria Falls.



Diving 30 meters through a rock monolith in Portugal.


Climbing Mt. Wellington.


Standing on the Edgewalk in Toronto.


Cycling in Norway.


Sitting around at Yosemite.


Walking over a crevice.


 Glacierboarding anywhere. 
   Biking on the Cliffs of Moher.


 Things to do in the New Year!  NOT! Yes, People really did these things!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Funny or Scary? Does 'Leader' Pelosi-Speak -er Make Any More Sense than Irwin Corey?

        Is it just us or have we really political 'leaders' like this? Listen to former Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi -who could be 're-elected' to that position in 2014-expound on (?) not once,but on five separate occasions and see if you can  make any more sense out of her than, say, Professor Irwin Corey ( a great man of 98, who has provided much humor for Americans over the years, but not one known to,well...listen to him here and you may find he DOES make more sense than the person who really counts, the Democratic leader of the House of Representatives who helps make  governmental decisions that affect us!  Then, please let us know what you think, who makes more sense, Pelosi or Corey by commenting ( and liking,please) on our famous page @

Political Humor or Fright? Does 'Pelosi-Speak -er of the House Make Any More Sense than Irwin Corey? 

 1)  NANCY 'I believe in technology' PELOSI's  take on fixing Obamacare   website


 2) PROFESSOR IRWIN COREY'S Take  . Even though he wasn't directly addressing Obamacare - in fact,we're not exactly sure what he is even talking about-  the 98 year old Professor seems to make more sense -or at least sound better - than Pelosi, in our opinion. What do you think? Pelosi or Corey?

Now go back to  and VOTE (comment) your favorite of the two, the Professor or the Speaker , and then take a look at....

Pick One:

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Don't you think that Prof. Irwin Corey makes more sense than Nancy Pelosi (and he's not even talking about the website)?

MEANWHILE...Latest Obamacare News...


No wonder HHS Secretary Sebelius didn't want to give out the numbers during her congressional grilling last Wednesday. Out of the prospsective 19 million insurance buyers,we know of 254 for sure who signed up

- SNL does it's take on the Sebelius hearing.

In case one thinks we're 'picking' on Pelosi, this was not just A one time 'edited' edition of Pelosi-speak.

Here are three , intact, and only one edited talks  with Pelosi going back from recently to 2009:

- Nancy 'It doesn't matter' PELOSI with Martha Raditz on ABC 'This Week' Sunday 10/27 morning  , discussing more on the website 'glitch' and Obamacare 'rollout'     Notice, near the end that Pelosi borrows a line from Hillary 'It doesn't matter' Clinton:

-This may be the best one yet... going back a few years to 2009 with Pelosi still on the subject of Economics, specifically the TARP Funding , with Pelosi  'trying to make sense' for Stewart out of what the government did with the funds from TARP. Pelosi talks of 'Accountability' and 'Transparency' and more economics,ie 'PRINTING MONEY and EARMARKS'  'Are we broke' asks Stewart?   'We're coming back,'?'says Pelosi .  Stewart seemed to have a good take way back in 2009 what would later happen ,ie 2013.  'We have done more for education... health care, energy,...pioneering' in the first few months of the Obama administration that ever before, Pelossi concludes:

- Here, Pelosi is again trying to explain government spending, specifically at the time of one of the government bailouts or  'recovery act' as she prefers to call it.

A frustrated  videographer comes in at the end with  his opinion of what Pelosi has to say:

- Pelosi here tells Chris Wallace on Fox News that  it's a good thing to  raise taxes. We don't have a 'spending problem' ,says Pelosi, but a 'budget problem.'  'Nobody's saying it (the budget) has to be balanced,'she goes on... to a rather unbelieving Wallace. 

Two views on Obamacare, Website  – Speaker Nancy Pelosi vs. Professor Irwin Corey, More Pelosi-speak



 OBAMACARE- The Trillion Dollar Bandaid   - You know the story by now: First the promises, then the implementation(?).... Three years later still not working right...The $634 million dollar website down ... and now the rules have changed ...Premiums have risen.... Majority of individuals can't keep their own providers - and doctors.... and many are now without health insurance...What next? tshirt

  20 VIEWS of OBAMACARE, Health Care Reform Timeline - Affordable Health Care Act  



Pick One:

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Is This Really the Name of a Bank?

Not a very good name for a bank would you say?  Could they have picked one much worse?

Looks like they got a couple syllables reversed short of asking people to rob them...

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Tallest Century Plant?

And not far from the others was this VERY tall Century Plant. Never seen one this tall, either. Have you?
In fact, it was SO tall I couldn't get it all in the picture. Note, normally you see just the bottom part of the century plant, which  looks like a big agave, but sometimes you'll see a tree-like think grow out of it. This one was a monster. Shades of Little Shop of Horrors
Like the cactus flowers below, we're told that century  plants rarely blossom. Looks like this one IS to some extent, anyway...

Purple Trees in Vallejo

On the same bike ride I saw the flowering cacti, I came across this purple tree. Perhaps someone can tell me the name of it but I found it to be just beautiful. Never saw another like it.

Large Cactus Flowers a Rare Site Indeed

I've had this cactus for almost 10 years now and it's never bloomed or at least I've never seen it bloom. You see, when cactus' do bloom, which isn't often, the bloom only lasts for a short time, maybe an hour or two or a day if you're lucky. This lasted maybe a couple hours, so I'm glad I got the picture. There are a couple more buds so maybe I'll get to see some more blossoms if it doesn't happen in the middle of the night.
There are small cacti whose small flowers last awhile as well as some prickly pair and other cacti with small er buds but for these big sagura type cacti it's a special treat to see them blossom at all!

Coincidentally, I was taking a bike ride a few weeks back and I came upon maybe the first big flowering cactus I have ever seen, this one in Vallejo, CA. Again the homeowners said to enjoy it because it wouldn't be around long. I even pulled off the road I was so surprised.