Monday, April 24, 2023

First Family circa 2023

History has given us some wonderful first families in the White House, such as the Camelot Kennedy's (no, JFK wasn't perfect but there was far more good than bad). There were others ,too, and then there was the Biden first family...(Don't be surprised if you're unfamiliar with following due to perhaps the lack of transparency by Bidens and mainstream media butbits all true and documented.)

IN ADDITION TO BEING THE OLDEST PRESIDENT EVER- AND HE WILL BE 86 AT THE END OF HIS NEXT TERM, FOR WHICH HE HAS JUST ANNOUNCED HE WILL BE RUNNING-JOE BIDEN has been described as 'senile' by many including  in the medical profession for  his often rambling,  incoherent comments, stumbles and refusal to have regular press conferences. He and his handlers have stonewalled on  any mental proficiency tests and mainstream Media appears to continue covering for him. Meanwhile, the 'Biden crime family' (as it has been called) continues to avoid scrutiny  by media and Democrat central despite growing proof of likely criminal involvement now by actual bank records and, of course, evidence on the Hunter laptop (which FBI has finally admitted to belongs to Hunter). Meanwhile our country continues to fail economically, criminally and socially with the so-called 'unifying' president at the helm, acting much in the same tradition to the man to whom Biden had been VP, one Barack Obama (who many say is still 'pulling the strings' for Biden, or at least in part.) It's been the strangest presidency ever with a president less visible than ever - spending 40% of his time in his Delaware home or on vacation and often beginning and ending his days at 9:30 am

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